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Quality Aluminium Screens
With the emerging trend of high density living it is increasingly hard to establish privacy around your home.  You can always build a brick wall around your property, but having spent a fortune buying the home of your dreams you don’t want to ruin it’s look and feel by simply erecting a wall without consideration for it’s presentation.  Thats way you need to speak to the experts at “Prestige Fencing & Gates”.

Louvers & Privacy Screens
Are you in need of added privacy for an outdoor setting, indoor area, or business setting?  Prestige Fencing and Gates can assist with privacy screens and louvers that are not only functional, but also stylish.
Add a touch of sophistication while enhancing security with our wide range of louvers and privacy screens.
With many materials to choose from created by the top manufacturers in Australia, you can trust the results when you choose .Prestige Fencing and Gates

Get Privacy From Your Neighbours Instantly
Whether on the lower or upper levels of your home, our privacy screens will allow you to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home in total seclusion.
With many styles to meet any height or size requirements,Prestige Fencing and Gates can give you the level of privacy you want for your home.
Ideal for high-rise homes or ground level settings, we will allow you to enjoy all areas of your home in peace.

The modernism of glass will boost the value of your home and enhance its style.
With multi-level benefits, privacy screens and louvers from Prestige Fencing and Gates are unbeatable.
If you want a custom look, our design team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind style that is all your own.
Choose accents in stainless steel,  aluminium and many other materials to give your privacy screen the exact look you’re after.
From contemporary to traditional—we’ve got you covered.

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