When you think about aluminium fencing, gates & balustrades you need to consider talking to Prestige Fencing & Gates.  The team of Brett, Grant & Katie can provide you with all the information you need to to make the right decision.

Regardless of what other providers may have told you, aluminimum fencing prices have a number of important considers.  Of course the price of aluminium material is an important consideration, but it is by no means the most important cost factor that determines the final price.

When you engage a professional company such as Prestige Fencing & Gates, you’ll realise there are a number of major factors that need to be considered before you can be confident of the final price you may have to pay.

An obvious factor is the shape of the land that you’re building on.  A straight piece of land with few contours will be fair less difficult and hence expensive to build on.
Likewise, the quality of the soil that you are building on will determine the degree of difficulty and the cost of delivering desires solution.

The actual cost of raw material is standard.  There will be some differences between providers but not enough for you to decide which builder to work with.
Thats why the team at Prestige Fencing & Gates provide written, itemised quotes to openly show just what you are paying for.

The true cost of the project will be will be measured by how stress free the build is.  At PFAG, we have decades of experience delivered outstanding results on time and on budget.

Don’t hestitate to call Prestige Fencing & Gates for your next project.

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