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Pool Fences Brisbane

When can you build your own Pool Fences in Brisbane

  • the pool safety standard is the only assessable standard applicable to the work; and
  • the fence is
    • less than 2m above ground level
    • if built on a retaining wall or other structure, is less than 2m above the wall or structure, and no part of the fence that is higher than 2m above ground level is within 1.5m of a boundary; and
  • the fence is inspected by a safety inspector for compliance.

As a pool owner you must ensure:

  • the pool is fenced in
  • pool fences are well maintained
  • damages fences are fixed immediately.

What must you be aware of if building pool fences in Brisbane?

  • no gaps wide enough for kids to get through
  • no climbing footholds for kids
  • too strong for kids to force a gap in the bars or mesh
  • minimum 1.2m high
  • max 100mm ground clearance

How to choose a builder of pool fences in Brisbane - Prestige Fencing & Gates

  • 20 years experience providing solutions to Queenland customers
  • free quotes done on site
  • off the shelf and/or custom designed options
  • experienced installers 
  • we pride ourselves for being on time and to budget


Pool Fences Brisbane